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Best Halal Food Delivery in Klang Valley

LAUK is an online food delivery platform that caters to the Klang Valley customers in Malaysia. LAUK provides halal foods, with over 1000 menu items from restaurants and eateries across Klang Valley. It also has a reward system for users who order regularly, which involves earning credits after every purchase to be redeemed on future orders.

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LAUK is a food delivery platform that caters to the customer in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Founded on the principles of better savings and great reward, LAUK offers customers the opportunity to enjoy Halal food at affordable prices while also being rewarded with points for every purchase made. The company provides local champion benefits such as sustainability initiatives and social impact projects which have in turn helped uplift many communities across Malaysia through LAUK Share Initiative.

The problem is that it can be hard to find healthy meals on-the-go when you are busy with work or running errands. It’s also difficult to find affordable options since most restaurants and fast-food chains serve unhealthy, processed meals high in sugar, salt and fat which could potentially lead to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

LAUK have created a solution where we deliver delicious halal food right from our partner restaurants directly to your doorsteps! We believe that everyone deserves good quality home-cooked meals without having to spend too much time preparing them at home. Our goal is not only about providing convenience but also helping people make better choices through education on nutrition so they can live healthier lives while saving money along the way!

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